Dear Kit Kemp I am the address for your hotels bohemian design items


You will find The items you need for the amazing bohemian
hotels you design at my place “Mikalulla – rooms design gallery”.
For sure it is worth a flight from London to visit Moshav Sal’it, sort of “a tip of the world” magical location.


Carpets - Mikalulla
Carpets - Mikalulla // Photo: Yogev Amrani

In search of special carpets I visit exhibitions and markets around the world, I choose them one by one,
there is nothing in common or any single style, they are chosen simply because they are beautiful to me.
The color, the pattern, the weaving style, their uniqueness, and my inner intuition are tools that help me to select.
The price is not the issue, sometimes they are really expensive and sometimes not, it doesn’t matter.


Beds - Mikalulla
Beds - Mikalulla

The bed in my bedroom is this bed with the padded headboard, it’s my design. I wanted an interesting bed, which would be on one hand royal and on the other hand would feel like home but not a royal palace. With a pencil I drew the shape of the headboard on the wall, copied it to a paper, cut it and ordered it from the upholsterer.

Beds - Mikalulla
Beds - Mikalulla

I designed A similar bed in gold-colored upholstery fabric for “Aminach”, a large israeli company specializing in the manufacture of mattresses and beds. The bed is designed for a bohemian-style teen girl room that I have designed that will appear in a new design book for youth rooms.


Textile - Mikalulla
Textile - Mikalulla

I love color, even textiles with interesting black and white patterns are colorful in my eyes. The cushions in the gallery are a combination of works by Israeli designers, textile designers and even artists who draw on them like on canvas, some cushions I sew out of interesting fabrics that I gather and find here and abroad, solid colors complete from Local importers.


Lampshades - Mikalulla
Lampshades - Mikalulla // Photo: Yogev Amrani

I import Rattan hand made lamp shades and incorporate special fabric lampshades that I manufacture, as well as unique handmade lampshades made out of different materials from different places around the world.


פריטי ריהוט - מיקלולה
קולקציית שולחנות MUSHROOMS - עיצוב שלי בשיתוף עם מעצב המוצר אברהם ידען. בלעדי למיקלולה. צילום: יוגב עמרני

I do not have a large selection of furniture now, a new collection now on sketches and it’s upcoming. When I have some free time I look for interesting furniture items, I renovate, dye, change, and turn them into unique special different pieces.


Furniture - Mikalulla
Furniture - Mikalulla

The design accessories imported to Israel usually wholesales and in large quantities, a concept that does not match my personal belief. I always try to get to those items that are not seen in Israel and certainly not in large quantity. some of them I find domestically, some of them imported in small quantities, and some I just change and redesign.


שיתוף בפייסבוק
שיתוף בטוויטר
שיתוף בווטסאפ

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